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Services we provide
We offer same day service for all residential and commercial needs related to the repair of kitchen and laundry appliances
What we do
We offer same day service for all residential and commercial needs related to the repair of kitchen and laundry appliances
Our repair company was established 30 years ago and all this time we've been working hard to ensure smooth operation of various appliances and protect people from unwanted tedious tasks.
By choosing our company you can be sure to get high-quality repairs from our professional service technicians who are well versed in fixing various household and commercial appliances of all brands and makes, namely dishwashers, refrigerators, furnaces, heaters, ACs, garbage disposals, washer's, etc.
You can always rely on us not only in terms of repairs, but also installation and replacement. The extensive expertise of our service technicians enables them to equip our customers with handy maintenance tips in order to avoid many serious problems with their appliances in the future.
Reliable, On time, Local Appliance Service
We repair all makes and models. Original factory OEM parts
We provide home visits only, so it is more convenient to you as you don’t have to bring your appliance anywhere
When a technician diagnosed the problem, he will provide you a written invoice with all costs for price and labor
A service fee is waned if you agree to repair your appliance
If you don’t agree to repair it, you pay for a service call
Appliance repair services
We offer same day service for all residential and commercial needs related to the repair of kitchen and laundry appliances
Fridge Repair
Our repair service is a team of experienced professionals who specialize in household appliance repair, including fridge repair at home. Having chosen our help, you can be 100% sure of the quality of our service. If the malfunction requires the replacement of some fridge details, you do not need to bother yourself by looking for them. Our representatives will replace the necessary parts and use the products of certified approved vendors only.
Here is how we work. Our team arrives at your place to detect the problem. Once the malfunction is defined, our specialists will start fixing it immediately without any postponements. If you do know what the issue with the fridge is, please, do not hesitate to inform our fridge repair service so that the experts will take all necessary details to perform the fix.
So, do not procrastinate and let professionals do their job.
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Washer repair
If the washer fails, it is essential to get it fixed in a timely manner. If you want any malfunction to be eliminated in just a few minutes, let the washer repair be carried out by our team of specialists. They will define the failure quickly and eliminate it without any discomfort for you.
You can contact our washer repair with any error or malfunction of the appliance, and we will take care of it. It is also important to figure out what the malfunctions are and why they appeared so that your washer serves you much longer. Our experts will explain to you every step of the work they perform and give you recommendations on how to avoid breakdowns in the future.
So, our professionals will save the washer from any failures and will eliminate any problems. After all, even scale formation or clogging of the filters can lead to serious malfunctions in the future.
We guarantee the elimination of the problem in high quality and in a timely manner. Just give us a call!
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Dryer repair
There is a lot to be said about the multifunctionality of dryers. No doubts that today this type of household appliance has won a great consumer audience. First of all, due to a major saving of time and money. And second of all, it saves the quality of any fabric. However, any appliance can fail due to long-term operation, and the dryer is not an exception. Some serious malfunctions can arise and have to be eliminated as soon as possible.
Our dryer repair service will help to avoid undesirable problems related to the malfunctions of your household appliances. Our team of experts is not afraid of any difficulties and is ready to work with failures of different complexity, and with dryers of different manufacturers, and even with outdated models.
Our dryer repair service is a reliable service that has a flexible pricing policy, a high-quality approach to problem elimination, and a flawless result.
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Dishwasher repair
The dishwasher belongs to the category of complex and quite expensive appliances. That is why it is advisable to contact a professionally qualified specialist if there any issue in the dishwasher operating.
Issue elimination with our dishwasher repair will be much cheaper rather than buying a new appliance that you will still need to get used to. Specialists of our service have a decent experience in fixing dishwashers.
Dishwasher repair is a guarantee of your peace. Of course, we are not magicians who implement dreams, but we just do our job “with an excellent mark,” returning life to the appliances and giving mistresses an opportunity to do some really important work.
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Freezer repair
It is obvious that any household appliance cannot work forever. So, it becomes necessary to repair freezers from time to time. Otherwise, you will not only be unable to freeze food but also will lose everything saved in the freezer. Furthermore, our repair service offers a repair at home without any need to transport the appliance somewhere. And upon that, you will save time, money, and your nerves.
Our team of professionals will perform a qualitative repair of the freezer and solve the most unpleasant problem. All you need is just to give us a call or leave your request on our website, and we will do the rest.
We cope with malfunctions of various types neatly and quickly. You should not trust such difficult work to a dilettante or try to fix the malfunction on your own. It will only make the situation worse, and the repair expenditure even more extensive. Speaking about us, we use only reliable details and modern technologies when carrying out the repair.
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Oven repair
Oven repair must be carried out only by professionals who have experience and skills in this field. It is impossible to find a kitchen appliance that will serve you forever. Sooner or later, you will face at least some malfunctions, even if they are not very significant.
Frankly speaking, not every repair service can offer you home repair in distinction from ours. If you really need to fix your oven or any other built-in kitchen appliance, feel free to contact our repair service to get the work done quickly and in the highest quality.
You must pay attention that individual oven repairs can lead to serious problems. You will be lucky if it causes just more extensive expenditure to eliminate the malfunctions later on, but it can also lead to serious damages like fires or accidents. So, be careful and better entrust this task to our experienced specialists.
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Range/Stove repair
A range or stove is a very convenient household appliance that makes every mistress’s life much easier. Unfortunately, like every appliance, it is not insured against a failure that can be caused by various reasons. In such cases, you will need help from range/stove repair services. Nowadays, it is a quite widespread and popular service as ranges and stoves are gaining more and more popularity.
What is the fastest way to eliminate any malfunction? We highly recommend you not to carry out the repair on your own as unqualified interference can threaten your health and property integrity. It is better to contact the range/oven repair service and receive a high-quality fix.
Frankly speaking, some failures can be easily avoided if you follow simple rules of the appliance operation. Well, if the malfunction has still appeared, our service offers a fast and quality repair of ranges and stoves, regardless of their models, brands, or other features of the equipment. So, do not wait until major damages and just give us a call now.
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Really professional and courteous experience starting with Kim on the phone and speeding up George as I explained that my parents were elderly and had no water to come out as soon as possible. I would strongly recommend this business! With face covering, George still very much practices social distancing.
Amber Page
Not enough to tell about Reliable Appliance Service. John picked up the call and sent Cole, his master plumber, at 8:30pm to pick up our emergency. Cole discovered the error, stopped our water leak, and repaired it in a few hours. In order to show me just where it was dripping. Cole also took a broom, scraping every crumb out of the very tiny mess that had been made. Reliable Appliance Service would certainly recommend it to anyone!
Sabrina Pelitia
A company that is very professional and courteous. I'm going to recommend them. They're blunt on what they can and can't do. If you are on the fence for some project, they are worth talking to. They seem a little costly, but they are a honest business, no matter what.
Johnatann Ive